Saturday, December 24, 2011

Visit Historic Melaka - Means Visit Malaysia

Right in the centre of Melaka town, oppsite the Proclamation of Independence Memorial Building, The Cultural Museum is a place not to be missed. A replica of the old Sultanate Palace, the museum depicts a vivid tale of the unique blend of cultures in Melaka. 

Built around 1646 with authentic building materials from China Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Malaysia. It houses the statue of the Goddess of Mercy or " Kuan Yin ', thus being named Abode of The Green ( merciful ) cloud. The temple is a beautiful example of chinese architecture with intricate carvings and designs of mythical figures, anmals, birds and flowers. Endless streams of local and foreign devotess come to respect and pray to the Goddess of Mercy here.
                                                                     THE BABA & NYONYA HERITAGE
Baba's and Nyonya's are Chinese decendants who have adopted a huge part of the Malay culture. They practise both the Chinese customs and Maly traditions. Also known " Straits-born Chinese " or " Peranakan ", they introduced unique heritage at the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum ( a Private museum ) at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

Absolutely a place to visit! Within this sanctuary, you'll discover over 200 species of animal found only in Southeast Asia, Asia and Africa. It is best to walk at a relaxing pace once you are in there, because this way you won't miss anything. There's no better place to study the animals. The Melaka Zoo is situated at Ayer Keroh.

                                                                     AUYIN HILL RESORT
If you have a fascination for geomancy or better known in Chinese as " Feng Shui ", then this is the one spot you will love to visit. Auyin Hill Resort is the one of kind in the country whereby the resort is filled with elements that have been positioned in accordance to the celestial and terrestrial accuracy to ensure " chi " power, good charm and prospererity.

Its location may seen ironic but could not make more sense. The Bukit Sebukor Waterfall is located along one of Melaka's busiest roads, so it appears to give the area a sense of serenity amongst the chaotic traffic. The waterfall is manmade and is reported to have cost almost RM1.78 million. It stands at 30- metres high, and a walkway has been built alongside it for visitors to get close to the waterfall and enjoy in the beautiful sight.

                                                                   MARITIME MUSEUM
Ever been on a ship that is actually a museum inside? If not, come abroad this one then. Consructed after the Portuguese ship, ' Flor De La Mar ', it is a place where you'll find indepth knowledge on Melaka, from the 14th century to present time. The Maritime Museum is located at Jalan Quayside.

The grave acts as a lasting memorial to remarkable hero, Hang Tuah. He was legendary for his bravery, intelligence, wits and fighting skills in the history of Melaka. It as after one of his daring feats that the Sultan appointed Hang Tuah as the youngest knight in Melaka. You can view Hang Tuah's Mousoleum at Tanjung Kling.

According to folklore, those who throw a coin into the well will return to Melaka time and time again. The well was built in 1459 by the follwers of Hang Li Poh, the Chinese princess who married the Sultan of Melaka. Back in the olden days, during the drought, the Hang Li Poh's well at Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh.

A wonderful idea indeed, the Mini Malaysia. This place consists of all the 13 state' house in Malaysia. The houses are built in accordance to the exact size and design by master builders whereby their interiors are also origionally decorated to keep the ambience intact. So, at one glance, in one visit, you can view it all.

                                                                     JONKER WALK
Jonker Walk is where the most interesting shopping activities take place. The street cntains every imaginable trade: spirit importers, hairdressing salons, wooden shoe stores, apothecaries with Chinese herbs on display, sign printers, an acupunture clinic, several furniture factories and etc. There is also combination craft shop and restaurant with a Peranakan ambience. You will find tresures such as ornate oil lamps, opium beds, altar stands, Victorian clocks and early gramophones in the antique shops of Jonker Walk.

Built by Portuguese captain, the church was transformed into a burial place for the noble by the Dutch. The church, which was called " Our Lady Of The Hill " by the Portuguese, was renamed St Paul's Church after the Dutch took over Melaka. The church is located at Bukit St. Paul.

                                                                      SAM PO KONG TEMPLE
The temple is located at the foot of Bukit Cina and built in 1795 by Kapitan Ts'ai Shih - Chang in connection with the adjoinning cemetery, Fu-te-tz'u. Later it was expanded, but the main deity worshipped continued to be Fu-te-cheng-shen or Ta-Po Kung. Within the premises of the temple is the famous well, San Poo Ching or Perigi Raja, subject to many legends and stories.

The well is located in Kampung Duyung where Hang Tuah was born. He spent his childhood with four of his good friends who later became the famous knights of Melaka.

                                                                      RIVER CRUISE
Only one word can describe the river of Melaka - romance. It's certainly a novel way to tour Melaka. A cosy coffee corner below the TIC serves drinks and snacks while you wait to get on board the boat. A short river tour takes 45 minutes and cost RM15 per person while a 90 minute costal tour is RM100 per person. Onboard, you can't miss the ancient houses and fishing boats but keep a look-out for Kampung Morten - the picturesque Malay village. And if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of iguanas which lurk among the reeds.

Only one ward to describe this incredible place - FUN! You can expect endless thrills and excitement throughtout the day. From waddling in the sparkling cool water to sunbathing under the sweltering sun, you'll be entertained by the various activities here. Located at Alor Gajah, A Famosa Water World is the perfect place to enjoy your day leisure.